Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cake Centre-pieces

Stuck for a unique centre-piece idea? How about cakes? Yes, cakes! We all know that cakes and weddings go hand in hand, but consider taking that relationship to the next level with this unique idea: swap floral centre-pieces for small cakes of various styles at each of your reception tables. 

The cakes can also double as dessert, and would make a lovely focal point for guest conversations throughout the reception…  If you have your heart set on flowers, you could use flowers to decorate the cakes, in lieu of a cake topper… And just a little tip – keep the cakes small and low so as to not interfere with your guests' view of one another. And be sure to invest in some pretty cake stands, such as this one, to sit your cakes on – they will add to the romance of the centre-piece… Pretty sweet idea hey!

Have a lovely day!… Anna