Friday, June 3, 2011

Sydney Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe


Got a chocolate craving? I have found the cure! For the ultimate chocolate indulgence, you simply must visit the Sydney Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe.

Located at The Rocks, Sydney's historic precinct, your taste buds will literally jump for joy as you peruse the tantalising menu. Open from 8am till late, the cafe serves yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, but the real reason you're there is to sample the finest Belgian chocolates, exquisite cakes and decadent desserts that are on offer! 

Choose from the most luxurious milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate truffles, rich hazelnut pralines and velvety fruit mousses. I know from experience that the Guylian Baked Chocolate Cake, served with signature ganache and a scoop of Belgian 65% chocolate ice cream, is simply divine! Or the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake with cream cheese and raspberry coulis is equally delicious. If ice cream is more your style, the Individual Ice Cream Scoops served with vanilla bourbon, Belgian chocolate 65%, praliné cream, strawberry cream, pistachio cream, mango cream is a heavenly choice…

Sounds good doesn't it?! But don't just take my word for it, you simply must experience the Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe for yourself! Also, visit the website to view the full menu, and to find other cafe locations.


Have a lovely day!… Anna