Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Biota Dining

After a long and tiring day at our annual wedding styling shoot for our 2012 editions, we took the photographic team for a well-deserved evening of superb dining at the Southern Highlands' exciting new restaurant, Biota Dining.

Fine-dining at its best, Biota Dining is truly magnificent. The stunning 600-metre space has been transformed by the Viles family to a modern and aesthetically-pleasing restaurant that offers an intimate yet relaxed dining experience. With a focus on organic foods and local produce, the menu was nothing short of divine. While the roast lamb rump with garlic ash proved to be a favourite amongst the team, I opted for the mushrooms with artichoke, parsnip, pine nuts and nettles, and I must say, they were the BEST mushrooms I have ever tasted!

The meal was expertly matched with beautiful wine from local wineries, and we all thoroughly enjoyed finishing off our meals with the yummy caramel pear dessert.

A big thank you to the lovely staff at Biota Dining, we had a wonderful evening, and I will definitely be returning again for more of those amazing mushrooms!

Be sure to visit the Biota Dining website and sign up for their e-newsletter as there are several exciting events coming up.

Have a lovely day!… Anna