Tuesday, February 15, 2011

VIVA Reveals Wedding Photo Secrets

Image: Viva Photography

Wedding photography is a vital part of your wedding planning process, and it's so important that you choose the right photographer to work with you and to capture your day in the way that you had envisaged. I recently received a press release that offers couples advice on how to ensure they get the best wedding photos. It includes comments from VIVA photography founder and Quadrouple Master photographer Vittorio Natoli…

Wedding photos allow couples and their families to revisit that special day and relive all of their precious moments each time they open their wedding album.  However, too often couples find themselves dissatisfied with wedding photos that don’t capture the essence of their day.

With this in mind, Viva Photography Founder and Quadrouple Master Photographer Vittorio Natoli is urging couples to understand what makes great wedding photos and ensure they choose the right photographer.

“The wedding photographer will be sharing one of the most memorable days of your life so make sure you have a connection with them and feel comfortable around them,” he said.

“A photographer who can relax you will help to create a more natural style and will help the individuality of your wedding come through.”

“I recommend that couples meet the photographer a week or two prior to the wedding date, to discuss and confirm all of their requirements. This ensures that your wedding day images do not look ‘generic' and 'styled'.”

In the planning stages, try to meet with more than one photographer and trust your instincts when making the choice between them.

Mr Natoli also recommended couples focus on ‘keeping it natural’ during their wedding photo session.

“A good photographer will know how to naturally pose you and understand how to use the best lighting positions. Most people think it’s necessary to smile and pose for the photographer, but forcing this will make your images look unnatural”.

“Also, you don’t need to force a smile for every single shot. Just try to relax and be natural; your real emotions will come through.”

“Brides with light make-up and a soft hairstyle always photograph beautifully. Try to avoid hairstyles, makeup or accessories which are not you, otherwise you could look back and find your photos have dated.”

Mr Natoli said couples should be mindful of avoiding clichés.

“Your wedding is not like anyone elses, so why should your photos be?”

“You don’t need to copy every shot that’s been taken at everyone else's weddings, to have a unique set of images that represent you.”

“With some thought and communication with your photographer, you can come up with really unique ideas for shots which represent you as you are and it’s these photos people really treasure.”

Tips for Achieving Perfect Wedding Photos:
  1. Meet with several photographers whose work you love. Choose the one who you feel most comfortable and relaxed around.
  2. Take advantage of your most flattering angles but avoid posing too much. The best wedding photos are natural ones.
  3. Don’t force a smile in every photo.
  4. Soft, classic looking hair and makeup will photograph best. Styles which are too ‘trendy’ may date.
  5. Try to avoid clichéd where possible, instead, speak with your photographer about unique photo ideas.
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Have a lovely day!… Anna