Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Very Special Thank You!

We recently received a very special request for copies of The Bride’s Diary to be sent to rather an unusual customer – a Sydney child care centre!

The Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre in Sydney follows a Reggio Emilia philosophy in their teaching method and emphasises the importance of learning through play and in depth investigations of real life topics. The children have recently expressed an interest in learning about weddings and have been dressing up as brides and grooms, exploring different types of wedding ceremonies, having pretend receptions, and making bouquets (using flowers generously donated by a local florist), as well as many other related activities.

So, of course we were more than willing to donate a few books to the children and we were so excited when we received an email from Jill with a very special thank you card from Madison! I particularly loved the picture Madison drew of the “flowers for the bride in the pretty yellow pot”. The card is just beautiful, thank you Madison!

A child’s mind is full of curiosity and wonder about their world, and we are so glad that The Bride’s Diary was able to help Madison and all her friends at the Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre discover more about weddings.

To learn more about the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the teaching methods at Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre, please visit their website,

Have a lovely day!… Anna