Friday, October 29, 2010

Bridal Ideas Expo - This Weekend!

We are looking forward to attending the Bridal Ideas Expo this weekend in Adelaide - it is set to be a fabulous weekend with lots on offer for Adelaide brides-to-be. 

With so many wonderful wedding services providers coming together, as well as two members of the BD Team on hand to answer any of your questions, you will find everything you need to plan your dream wedding at Bridal Ideas Expo.

We are also delighted to announce that the 2011 Adelaide edition of The Bride's Diary – Adelaide's most luxurious and stylish bridal publication – will be launched at the event. We are so excited to bring you our most beautiful edition yet, and with stunning Real Life Weddings, a breathtaking jewellery feature, a sensational styling feature and an absolutely divine couture fashion shoot, you are sure to find the 2011 edition an indispensable source of how-to help as you plan your big day. 

So, if you are planning your dream wedding, make sure you attend the Bridal Ideas Expo and pick up your FREE copy of The Bride's Diary. You will also have the chance to meet some of Adelaide's finest wedding service providers, all the while learning about bridal ideas you never knew existed!

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Very Special Thank You!

We recently received a very special request for copies of The Bride’s Diary to be sent to rather an unusual customer – a Sydney child care centre!

The Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre in Sydney follows a Reggio Emilia philosophy in their teaching method and emphasises the importance of learning through play and in depth investigations of real life topics. The children have recently expressed an interest in learning about weddings and have been dressing up as brides and grooms, exploring different types of wedding ceremonies, having pretend receptions, and making bouquets (using flowers generously donated by a local florist), as well as many other related activities.

So, of course we were more than willing to donate a few books to the children and we were so excited when we received an email from Jill with a very special thank you card from Madison! I particularly loved the picture Madison drew of the “flowers for the bride in the pretty yellow pot”. The card is just beautiful, thank you Madison!

A child’s mind is full of curiosity and wonder about their world, and we are so glad that The Bride’s Diary was able to help Madison and all her friends at the Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre discover more about weddings.

To learn more about the Reggio Emilia philosophy and the teaching methods at Abbotsleigh Early Learning Centre, please visit their website,

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

RSVP for a Party Just For You…

RSVP for a party that’s being thrown just for you and your fiancé. Not only will you receive hands on tips from the Wedding List Co gift experts, you will also be inspired by a leading team of Coco Republic interior design experts as they offer advice on the latest global trends in furniture and homewares.

Planning a home together has never been made so easy! Immerse yourself in a world of beautiful furniture and more desirable wedding gifts than you ever knew you needed. Think you have it all? Think again!

The first 20 couples to RSVP will receive a goody bag with a selection of dreamy goodies. While Facebook followers will be given the chance to win the ultimate homewares package valued up to $1000, simply by becoming a fan

See below for dates in your city. Places are limited, so ensure you register early so you don't miss out!

Date | Tuesday 16th November
Time | 6pm - 8pm
Address | Coco Republic Showroom - 400 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Phone | (07) 3216 0331

Date | Tuesday 23rd November
Time | 6pm - 8pm
Address | Coco Republic Showroom - 34 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW 2015
Phone | (02) 9698 4366

Date | Tuesday 30th November
Time | 6pm - 8pm
Address | Coco Republic Showroom - 500 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121
Phone | (03) 9521 1234

Alternatively, please visit the Wedding List Co or contact the Wedding List Co Head Office for any queries (02) 9698 4366.

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Bride's Diary - Illawarra & Southern Highlands 2011 Edition Out Now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the fabulous new 2011 Illawarra & Southern Highlands edition of The Bride’s Diary. With over 400 pages of great wedding ideas, it's our biggest edition ever!

As the Illawarra and Southern Highland's leading bridal publication, we just love to bring you the region's best wedding service providers, including photography, bridal fashion and accessories, reception venues, transport, and more.

The stunning landscapes and mild climate of the Illawarra has made the region a perfect backdrop for couples celebrating their wedding, reception and/or honeymoon. The Southern Highlands is the perfect setting for a ‘country-style’ wedding and is easily accessible from Sydney, Wollongong and Canberra. The Bride’s Diary showcases the best of these superb regions.

In this edition you will find the opportunity to win a fabulous honeymoon to Sanctuary Rarotonga & Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa, Cook Islands, valued at $7220.00! You simply must enter!

Other features include:
• What’s New – the latest fab products
• 6 stunning Real Life Wedding profiles sure to inspire
• Jewels of the Aisle – our superb jewellery feature
• Colour Your Wedding feature, including 4 divine colour themes
• Stunning reception venues
• Photographer’s favourite wedding image for 2011
• Australia’s most comprehensive wedding planner
• Calendars, notes, checklists
• and so much more…

With over 400 inspirational pages, The Bride’s Diary is a ‘must-have’ publication for anyone planning a wedding in the Illawarra or Southern Highlands of New South Wales, so be sure to drop in to your local newsagent or visit our online store to order your copy today.

Also, all wedding services represented in the 2011 edition of The Bride’s Diary can be accessed by visiting The Bride's Diary Wedding Services. 

Hope you enjoy the 2011 edition of The Bride's Diary Illawarra & Southern Highlands Edition as much as we do!

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Monday, October 25, 2010

Victoria’s Secret PINK Event in support of Pink Ribbon Day

Today is Pink Ribbon Day - Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day aims to help raise awareness about breast cancer, as well as raise funds towards research, education and patient support programs.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Event in support of Pink Ribbon Day, presented by Fashion Palette, is  great fundraiser you may want to attend to show your support for Pink Ribbon Day... 

Come and indulge yourself in a world of PINK at one of Sydney’s finest venues, Piano Room this Friday 29th October from 6:30pm.

Be treated with a complimentary glass of champagne, strawberries, marshmallows and fairy floss on arrival before Sydney's very own angels hit the runway in Victoria's Secret!

Pink Ribbons will be available for purchase on the night and we do hope you will open up your heart to support Cancer Council NSW.

RSVP before Wednesday 27th October to Sonya at

This year alone around 12,000 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

While survival rates have increased with recent breakthroughs, one in nine women still face a diagnosis by the age of 85 and will need our help and support. Your contribution can make a difference.

Show your support for breast cancer by 
ordering pink products to sell, volunteering your time to help, buying pink, holding a pink fundraiser or making a donation now.

Visit for more info on how you can support Pink Ribbon Day

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is a fantastic new concept where you become the designer and create your own fabulous shoes by selecting the heel, toe, fabric, colour and embellishments. 

Whether you're poring over a glossy magazine, clicking onto your favourite fashion blog, or lusting after a girlfriend's most recent stiletto purchase, we all know that the spark of shoe-desire takes just a moment to take hold, and then the need to find that perfect shoe is intoxicating.

The journey to find the perfect shoe is often a long one that ends in compromise - the kind that makes you contemplate making an offer to the girl at the next table to sell you the shoes right off her feet.

Being too familiar with the long days of shopping that accompany the usually disappointing search for the perfect shoes, Shoes of Prey have sought out a solution to this conundrum - they tracked down a team of highly skilled artisans dedicated to crafting shoes.

Simple colors. Bold designs. Vivid imagination. Above all, the freedom to choose…

Visit Shoes of Prey and start designing now!

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weight Loss… the Sensible Way

As the publisher of The Bride’s Diary since 1985, I have seen literally hundreds of ‘new-beaut’ diet programs come across my desk. Trawling through the myriad of options may seem endless. There really is no magic formula – eat less kilojoules/calories then your body burns and you will lose weight, eat more kilojoules/calories then your body burns, you will store the extra as fat. It’s that simple!

However, let’s scratch the surface a little deeper. Every human being is an individual and requires their own unique approach to sustaining health and fitness. In regards to diet, so much of what we choose to eat is influenced by many differing factors, including nationality and cultural preferences, a family’s eating habits, economics, and lifestyle choices. Then there are medical influences, including: diseases, allergies, food intolerances, and individual likes and dislikes. Your current medical status and fitness levels also influence how much physical activity you are able to undertake. Some people love exercise, while others hate it!

This is why your weight loss solution must be tailored for you personally. I think the best place to start is with a visit to a general practitioner that you like and trust. He/she will be able to assess your current health status. They will also discuss your health and fitness goals with you and assist with useful and relevant suggestions to get you started. And, throughout your new regime, you should check-in with your doctor periodically to ensure that everything is on track.

Many of the leading weight loss companies are extremely dedicated to helping people lose weight and can offer the support, information and food required. The key is finding the regime that suits your personality and lifestyle. Be open-minded, and explore the many options that are available to you.

There are excellent supplements available on the market today that will support your goals. Once again, it is advisable to check with your doctor before taking any new supplements, vitamins, and/or natural products. We have a small selection of top quality products available in our online store that may be just right for you.

Adjusting your diet may be all that is needed. I remember my Grandmother (who lived to the ripe old age of 100) telling me: “Eat 5% to 10% less at each meal and, over time, you will lose weight”. This may seem simplistic, but it really does work. In this way, you won’t need to adjust your diet too much at all. Of course, reducing fatty foods, take-away foods and high calorie treats will help as well. You should also reduce, or eliminate alcohol and cigarette consumption.

Any sort of incidental exercise is also beneficial. Park your car further away from work, take the stairs not the escalator, clean your home regularly, don’t use a remote control to change the TV channel, dance to your favourite music, walk the dog, play with your children, jog on the spot – any movement is good movement. Some people adore walking on the beach; others love the latest dance craze. Some find the slow movements of yoga therapeutic and others love nothing better then sweating profusely while competing in a team sport.

Don’t expect too much too soon. Trying to drop five dress sizes by Saturday night is not only ridiculous, it is unachievable. Take baby steps in the right direction and enjoy every little success along the way.

My only piece of advice would be: ‘Make yourself your greatest hobby’. The dictionary states that the meaning of the word ‘hobby’ is: “leisure-time activity pursued for pleasure”. How wonderful if this activity is looking after ‘you’. Don’t ever feel guilty about the time you take to look after yourself.

Start with eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and move that body as much as possible. Take time to look after your skin, hair and nails, soak in warm baths, walk in the fresh air, listen to fabulous music while you dance with abandon. Check your posture, breath deeply and laugh loudly.

Remember too that your emotional health is vitally important. If you have any emotional issues that need attention then, once again, speak with your doctor. There’s no need to suffer in silence. This world is filled with wonderful people who love helping others and are qualified to give you the support you may need. Creating warm, happy relationships with the people in your life is so important. It is also important to lessen the contact you have with people who criticize you and do not support your well-being.

It is a known fact that animals can improve a person’s health. There is no reason to ever feel lonely with a much-loved dog, cat or even a gold fish by your side. I have five dogs and I can assure you that feeding them, bathing them, grooming them, walking them and playing with them keeps me very active, whilst the love and companionship that I receive from my dogs is truly life affirming.

Don’t drive yourself insane if you do not perceive yourself as ‘perfect’; there really is no such thing. We all come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and we are all ‘perfect’ in our own unique, ‘imperfect’ way.

We will all age, whether we like it or not. Some of life’s greatest things are old: a favorite pair of old shoes, an old armchair that you sink into, a faithful old dog that never leaves your side, an old movie that hits just the right spot when you’re feeling down, an old city you love to explore and even your oldest friend!

Life is a journey that is vastly improved when you ‘feel’ healthy and happy.

For more useful information visit the following Australian websites: |

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Statement Headpieces to Complete Your Look

To finish off the perfect gown, you need the perfect headpiece - and Net-A-Porter has everything from traditional veils and jeweled headbands to embellished ribbons.

Below are a few of my fave pieces, and make sure you visit Net-A-Porter for more fabulous items…

Visit Net-A-Porter
Have a lovely day!… Anna

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tattersall's Club

Choose Tattersall's Club for your Tattersall’s Club wedding reception and you can expect the ultimate in atmosphere, style and service.

Tattersall's Club function rooms cater for wedding receptions up to 275 guests. The Club also offers the Members' Bar (160 guests), Members' Dining Room (120 guests), Chandelier Room (20 guests) and Healy Room (60 guests) suitable for both your ceremony and reception.

Tattersall’s Members’ Bar was built in 1926 and the Members’ Dining Room completed in 1939, providing unique photo opportunities. A hidden jewel in the heart of the city, Tattersall’s is within walking distance to most city churches, cathedrals, restaurants, cafés and night life.

To complement the magnificent surrounds, the tables are adorned with silver cutlery, cruets, lanterns, crisp fine linen and printed bound menus. Tattersall's Executive chef, is on hand with his culinary expertise in the preparation and presentation of meals.

Not only does Tattersall’s ensure you that your wedding day is perfect, Tattersall’s also offers boutique hotel style accommodation for the bridal party and guests. Tattersall’s wedding package includes one night’s accommodation for the bridal couple, with complimentary sparkling wine on their wedding night and accommodation again on their first anniversary.

Visit the Tattersall's Club website to view the available wedding packages.

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weddings at Dockside Open Day

Fabulous Sydney venue Dockside will open its doors this Sunday for future brides-to-be to view the magnificent location and sample great food and wine. So if you are planning a Sydney harbour-side wedding, then make sure you don't miss the opportunity to come along and see what Dockside can offer for your reception.…

Open Day Details:

WHEN | Sunday 17th October 2010
WHERE | Dockside, L’Aqua and Star room venues only (Cockle Bay Wharf)
TIME | 11.00am – 3.00pm

Our beautiful waterfront venues overlooking Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour will be showcased for weddings. Join us on the day to experience our venues, the sumptuous food and wines that will be served at your wedding and meet with our experienced wedding team.

Our preferred suppliers will be on hand so you can gain their knowledge on what works best for a Dockside Group wedding.  

Discounts will be given on the day. We will also be giving away some wonderful prizes. Congratulations to Suneeta and Satya who won the $6,000 wedding at our open day at the Rocks in August. The couple will be having a full venue wedding at Dockside in January 2011. We congratulate them on winning the major prize and wish them luck with their wedding!

RSVP is essential and places are limited. To RSVP visit Dockside and click the ‘RSVP Now’ button on the right hand side of the page or email Alternatively, you may phone Dockside on 02 9277 6288.

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crowne Plaza Hotel Surfers Paradise

For the perfect venue for your Queensland wedding, choose the soaring Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise, with stunning Pacific Ocean views and easy access to the beaches of Australia's Gold Coast.

High ceilings create a dramatic sense of space as you step into the open-plan Lobby of Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise. Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise is 30 minutes by taxi from the Gold Coast Airport and an hour from Brisbane Airport. You're a short walk from central Surfers Paradise and the waterfront suburb of Broadbeach. Stroll 5 minutes to the lively promenade and sandy beaches of the Gold Coast, and once the wedding is over, treat your family and friends to fun days out at Sea World, 15 minutes' drive away, and other Gold Coast theme parks.

For fresh seafood and flutes of sparkling Australian Chardonnay, look no further then the Four Winds Revolving Restaurant, overlooking the Gold Coast's soft sands. 

And if you would like to hold your ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise as well, romantic weddings are held in the hotel's quaint chapel, surrounded by tropical, fragrant flowers and swaying palms.

Visit Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise 

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kim Kardashian to Launch Search for the World's Best Couple

We are so delighted to bring you news of an exciting contest where you could win the title of World's Best Couple, as well as the ultimate engagement ring!

Worldwide television star Kim Kardashian will wear a massive 22 carat princess cut diamond ring at the launch of Michael Hill Jewellers’, THE ULTIMATE ENGAGEMENT RING – SEARCH FOR THE WORLD'S BEST COUPLE. 

The news conference will take place from 11am on Monday October 18 at Brasserie Ruhlmann, 45 Rockefeller Center, West 50th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue, New York. 

The contest is free to enter and open to anyone over the age of 18, it doesn’t matter if you have just met, are engaged or have been married for 50 years this contest is open to all in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand through social networking sites or by registering at on October 18, 2010

Couples who enter the competition will take part in a series of online challenges. The top six couples will then be adjudicated by a panel of expert judges with the winning couple being flown to Chicago to be presented with the ultimate 22 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring!

 Visit and count down the hours till the search begins!

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Monday, October 11, 2010

Free Give-Aways… Hurry! Last Days!

The Bride's Diary team loves to give our members free give-aways throughout the year. We are always excited when new products are launched and our members are 'in the know'! And like everything we do at The Bride's Diary, we only promote the highest quality products and services available. So enter today for your chance to win and don't forget to visit often to see what other fabulous products we are giving away.

We currently have three fabulous products to give away so read on below for all the details, and make sure you get your entries in today!

Parker Pens…

The Parker Urban Collection… Bold, contemporary, fluid. The Urban's clean, modern lines and expressive finishes are the perfect fusion of what's new and what's next. The ideal balance and weight with ultra-smooth gel ink. The pen engineered for action, energy, and drive… 

Urban Pink Ribbon Chrome Trim Ball pen features include:
• New marble pink barrel with chrome trims
• Twist-action mechanism
• Fitted with Blue Medium refill
• Refillable
• 2 year international warranty

The Parker IM Collection… Redefining affordable luxury in writing instruments. The Parker IM's modern design and timeless finish successfully melds the classic with the contemporary. The finest grades of lustrous lacquer and chrome and a highly engineered manufacturing process ensures the Parker quality known worldwide.

IM Pink Ribbon Chrome Trim Ball pen features include:
• Pink barrel with chrome trimmings
• Push button mechanism
• Fitted with Blue Medium refill
• Refillable
• 2 year international warranty

Since 2006, Parker has been donating to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and, in 2009 Parker was awarded Platinum Partner sponsorship. A portion of proceeds from every Urban and IM Pink Ribbon sold is donated to the Foundation.

To enter, simply email your name and contact number to with 'Competition – Parker Pink Ribbon Pen' in the subject line. Also, be sure to include which style of pen you would like to win. Entries close 18th October 2010. 

Orly Nail Lacquer…

Wedding fever will be in full bloom for a bride planning a trip down the aisle this spring. Whether it’s a romantic garden fairytale or a modern-day affair, ORLY Professional Nail Care’s wedding collection has a shade to suit every bride’s style.

Traditional brides won’t put a pinky out of place with ORLY’s collection of dazzling shimmers. Featuring a neutral palette of beige, champagne and soft pink, with a hint of shimmer, Catch the Bouquet (orange based pink with fuchsia shimmer) or Goin’ To The Chapel (champagne pink shimmer) has the classic bride covered, from princess cuts to platinum settings.

And, contemporary brides can have their cake and eat it too, pairing bold make up looks, a bright dress, or stand out accessories with suitably subtle manicures. After all, there is a fine line between adding some va va voom to toppling OTT. Keep it chic with ORLY sparkling glitters in Honeymoon in Style (sheer beige pink with subtle glitter) for a modern bridal look that is on-trend from top to toe.

To enter, simply email your name and contact number to with 'Competition – ORLY Nail Lacquer' in the subject line. Also, be sure to include which shade you would like to win. Entries close 18th October 2010. 

Milky Foot…

Smooth, silky feet will always be in fashion and with spring just around the corner it's time to make a date with Milky Foot - a luxurious, in-home pedicure treatment that removes hardened skin and even calluses after just one application.

Containing an exclusive and patented active ingredient, ExMilac (Milk Ferment Filtrate), Milky Foot removes rough, hard skin and softens cracks and calluses, leaving your feet feeling silky, moisturised, and peep-toe ready.

Milky Foot's intense foot peeling effect starts just 5-10 days from the first application and optimal results are achieved from two weeks onwards. Other methods of exfoliation can be dangerous, hurt, or take too much hard work, time and commitment. Milky Foot means you can exfoliate your feet without lifting a finger, even whilst snuggled up on your sofa, watching your favourite chick flick.

To enter, simply email your name and contact number to with 'Competition – Milky Foot' in the subject line. Entries close 18th October 2010.

Make sure you visit our Free Give-Aways page regularly as we are always uploading new and fabulous products to give away!

Have a lovely day!… Anna

Friday, October 8, 2010

Michelle Fiona Photography

While on the topic of photography, I would love to share with you a wonderful photographer from the Illawarra region, who also specialises in wedding photography.

Her images are creative and unique and I love the way she captures the light in each and every image. Please have a look through the images below, and make sure you visit Michelle Fiona's website and blog for more beautiful images! 

Have a lovely day and a fantastic weekend!… Anna