Saturday, September 25, 2010

Induction Heating Adds Heat to Kenwood Cooking Chef Offering

Kenwood is excited to introduce the newest member to their family The Kenwood Cooking Chef. A fabulous wedding gift idea, the Cooking Chef is the ultimate tool for complete kitchen multitasking and, with the addition of induction heating, it is sure to be a favourite amongst home cooks and chefs alike!
The new ground breaking induction cooking technology is safe, clean and energy efficient and allows home‐cooks to take their cooking creativity to the next level, achieving professional results every time. From perfect choux pastry and creamy risottos to Italian meringues, the Kenwood Cooking Chef makes light work of tricky dishes that usually require sharp attention and precision in the kitchen.
Ultimate control is possible as the temperature ranges between 20°C to 140°C in the 3L capacity cooking and mixing bowl. The accurate variable control for gentle warming to a rolling boil is great for everything from the tough job of kneading dough to the delicate task of tempering chocolate and making hearty, time intensive stews. The timing function allows the cook to set the cooking time on a countdown ranging from five seconds to three hours. The temperature and the timer display is interchangeable on the LCD screen at the touch of a button.

The benefit of being able to leave the KENWOOD Cooking Chef to automatically stir food and cook to a precise temperature, frees up valuable time in the kitchen and guarantees perfect results, especially as with the constant slow speed stir setting to keep the consistency in the food without breaking it down.
With additional great functional attachments the KENWOOD Cooking Chef is a one‐stop kitchen multi‐tasker that can handle almost every cooking challenge in the kitchen. New advanced bowl tools have also been specifically developed for the KENWOOD Cooking Chef, it also comes with essential kitchen attachments allowing recipes to come to life with ease. A brand new steam basket has also been added which fits within the top of the bowl and can be used in the same way as a conventional steamer for vegetables, chicken, seafood and desserts.

The launch of this ground‐breaking new kitchen machine is a reflection of Kenwood’s
commitment to innovation in food preparation. The KENWOOD Cooking Chef takes all the expertise, quality and versatility of the KENWOOD Chef concept and adds induction heating technology under the bowl, to deliver a totally new cooking revolution to the kitchen.

The full list of attachments and accessories include:
  • New stainless steel stirring tool
  • New high temperature flexible beater
  • New power whisk
  • New stainless steel spiral dough hook
  • Stainless steel K beater
  • AT339 stainless steel blender
  • AT640 food processor
  • New steamer basket
  • Heat resistant spatula
  • Heat resistant mat
  • Bowl scraper – designed to perfectly fit the bowls’ profile.
Key features and benefits of the KENWOOD Cooking Chef include:
  • Powerful 1500W Planetary Mixing
  • 1100W Induction Cooking System cooks directly in the mixing bowl
  • Large 6.7L bowl capacity with market leading 3L cooking and mixing capacity
  • Accurate temperature setting from 20°C to 140°C
  • Display featuring 3 hour count up and countdown timer and temperature setting
  • 8 Mixing Speeds – including minimum and maximum
  • 3 Cooking Stir settings
  • Fold function
  • High Speed Heat and Whisk Function
  • Interlocked Head lift, bowl, heat shield and attachment outlet covers
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