Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aussies Rush to Book Weddings on 10/10/10

For those who count their lucky stars and take dates and numbers seriously, choosing the date of a wedding is serious business. Fate, happiness and luck all depend on choosing the right day for the ceremony! For many 10/10/10 represents luck and good fortune and Australian Marriage Celebrants has seen a huge last minute rush of couples registering for this distinctive date.
“If intending to marry, a couple has to register their application a month and a day prior to the intended date,” explains Martin Moroney, spokesperson for Australian Marriage Celebrants, the largest and most respected association of marriage celebrants in Australia. “Celebrants within the association have acknowledged an overwhelming desire for weddings on 10/10/10 with some celebrants even committing to three weddings on this date and turning away others wishing to wed when the stars align!”

“I was booked for 10.10am on 10th October 2010 many months ago,” adds Elaine Searle, member of Australian Marriage Celebrants. “I have booked two more ceremonies during the day and could have booked, probably about six more, but three is my absolute limit!”

For the Chinese, the bride’s and groom’s birthdates and times are required for selecting the dates for a wedding to commence. Usually even-numbered months and dates are preferred and the date of 10/10/10 is considered to be one of the best days in the year to be married. According to the Chinese calendar, 10/10/10 represents an auspicious day for a wedding with some couples even consulting feng shui experts on the timing for events such as fetching the bride and entering the groom’s home.

With only two days left to register for the date 10/10/10, auspicious brides and grooms to-be all over Australia are scrambling to sign on the dotted line and seal their future’s happiness! If a month and a day is too quick for those looking for a lucky wedding date there’s always 11/11/11 - but Australian Marriage Celebrants are encouraging Aussies to get in early as ceremonies are already being booked for this date!

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