Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Engagement Collection by Percy Marks

Percy Marks has long been a name synonymous with fine jewellery and exquisite gemstones. In fact, since 1899 and spanning four generations of Marks' men, Percy Marks has built its reputation as Australia's premier fine jeweller through the uncompromising Marks' family perspective on jewellery, style and culture. 

For more than a century, Percy Marks has shared its passion for precious gemstones with clients both in Australia, and from around the world. From humble beginnings as the first purveyor of Australian Black Opals, the Percy Marks expertise now extends to all the rare and magnificent gems that are unique to Australia, from lustrous South Sea Pearls to Argyle coloured diamonds including the most highly prized pink stones.

The Percy Marks collection is also highly sought after for its extensive range of hand-selected gems and fully-certificated diamonds that are sourced directly from leading international merchants.

The Percy Marks range is just stunning, and the Engagement Collection has long been an esteemed favourite amongst newly engaged couples. Below are a selection of my personal faves. Once you've taken in the glittering beauty of these rings, make sure you pop over to Percy Marks and view the full range.

 PM Classic 6





Have a lovely day!… Anna