Friday, May 21, 2010

Made with Love - Larsen Wedding Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings symbolise the love you have for one another, and the joy and the hope you hold for your future together. Choosing your rings will be an exciting and memorable part of your wedding preparation, and at Larsen Wedding Rings you can make the ring-choosing process all the more personal and unique. So read on below, and find out more about this fabulous concept that helps you choose the rings of your dreams…

Until recently, personalised vows, modified monograms and ‘his’ and ‘hers’ towels were the extent of customisable married life, now however, times are a-changing and the circus of wedding ceremonies has a whole new ring! If vows that merely slip in your fiancé’s name seem to lack heartfelt intimacy, consider a customised ring that you and your fiancé could not only design together but physically make for each other. Trust me, if Romeo could have, he would have!

Larsen Wedding Rings, as the only interactive wedding ring company in Australia, offers a unique experience that gives couples the opportunity to extend the romantic raison d'être of the ring into the pre-wedding process. Designing and making a ring for your partner as a truly everlasting token of love and commitment is possibly the most romantic gesture one can make. By replacing a generic piece of jewellery with a personal handcrafted wedding ring, Larsen Wedding Rings re-defines romance.

Susie Larsen explains why she has such passion for the experience of self-made wedding rings; ‘couples love the idea of wearing a ring made by their loved one. It makes the ring so much more special and meaningful as they have not only created a ring, but a memory that will last a lifetime.’ 

The Personalised Process
While making a wedding ring from scratch may conjure up images of a blacksmith heating metal over a cauldron while his horse waits for new shoes in the stable, the experience at Larsen Wedding Rings could not be further removed (unless the blacksmith is in love with his horse). The Larsen experience, which is surprisingly easy, can be completed in one visit to the fun and romantic setting (not a stable in sight), and your efforts are celebrated at the end with a toast of champagne. 

The process begins with an initial meeting with one of the jewellers to discuss exactly the ring design you have in mind; this ensures that you will get precisely what you want. Once you are happy with your design you move to the workbench which is where the real magic happens! The ring making process involves four main phases: melting, milling, soldering and the finishing touches of filing, buffing and polishing. For the duration of the ring making process, which only takes about four hours, an expert jeweller will be by your side, offering guidance and ensuring that your rings turn out perfectly. You will need no prior knowledge or experience in the art of ring making or design, rather an open mind and a loving fiancé. 

J’adore Adornments
To make the process even more special, couples can add meaningful finishing touches to their wedding rings. Variations to a standard ring are as endless as imagination allows. Rings can be classically simple bands or intricately designed pieces. By making the rings with the aid of the jeweller, couples are able to have them matched perfectly with their engagement rings. If you chose to add romantic adornments such as diamonds and precious stones, a combination of different metals (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are available), engraved sweet-nothings or even heirloom jewellery, an experienced jeweller can add these finishing touches to make your rings even more meaningful.

About Larsen Wedding Rings
Larsen Wedding Rings is based in Sydney’s historic Strand Arcade and recently opened a second studio in Melbourne’s iconic GPO building. If you’re a hopeful out-of-towner, you’ll be pleased to hear that plans are underway for stores to open in Brisbane and other capital cities in the near future.

To find out more about the process of designing and making your own rings, phone Larsen Wedding rings on 02 9223 2006 for Sydney, or 03 9662 3005 for Melbourne, or visit 

Have a lovely day!… Anna