Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Blossom Collection from Chanel

Inspiration: Peter Philips designs his creations with a key goal in mind: to reveal and enhance the beauty of every women. The Chanel White Blossom collection offers the "ultimate whitening beauty" - the ideal synergy of a translucent. Flawless complexion and the harmony of beauty through colour. Back to baby skin, to the original complexion, highlighted with radiant and glowy colours. Delicate, feminine, vibrant: a new vision of Whitening beauty is brought to you exclusively by Peter Philips.

The perfect universe of light and colour: striking a perfect balance with a translucent complexion, the colour pink, naturally exemplifying freshness, is the star of the collection. Delicately enhanced with fine golden or silver pearly hues, it gives subtle light effects, as at day spring. Whitening beauty, re-interrupted in colours by Chanel

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Have a lovely day!… Anna