Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paper Eyelashes

I just love to watch the new quirks that emerge from the beauty industry, and this one is no exception… This fabulous little article about Paper Eyelashes from Paperself is from Harper's Bazaar and it reveals a new trend to hit this season…

In the wake of eccentric eyebrows, paper eyelashes are the latest unexpected beauty trend of the season. The false lashes draw inspiration from the Chinese art of paper cutting and are as intricate as they are beautiful. Paperself is the brand behind the product and this is their first foray into the beauty world. The lashes are available in three different designs: horses, peonies and peach blossoms. One for the daring.

About Paperself:

Chunwei Liao is the founder for PAPERSELF. Growing up in the family cardboard package industry gave Chunwei a profound depth of knowledge and understanding of paper.
Threads of an emotional link to the paper processes, Chunwei introduced this knowledge into design using cardboard. Presenting this new London-based brand identity dedicated to designs constructed from paper, calling it 'PAPERSELF' exploring and challenging the use of paper. 

PAPERSELF launched in September 2009 at 100% Design London.

Now we are a group of designers, engineers and manufactures who work as a team to develop more possibility for paper. PAPERSELF is a new platform for cardboard and paper designs. Therefore, we collaborate with designers to come up with excellent ideas.

Visit Harper's Bazaar for more of the latest beauty trends, and Paperself for more about this unique product… 

Have a lovely day!… Anna