Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh Joy! Astrology Birthday Gift Cards from Tiny Prints

Birthdays are a very special day in everyone's lives so honour your family and friends on their big day with a personalised Oh Joy! birthday greeting card from Tiny Prints…

Gemini - Double the impact of your stylish birthday cards this year with this elegant line of astrology-themed birthday cards created by Oh Joy! This regal design is perfect for a gorgeous Gemini. 
The Pisces in your life certainly won't have to fish for compliments from friends on his or her birthday when you send this fun and playful astrology-themed birthday card from Oh Joy!

Shower your favorite Virgo with sweet style and contemporary charm for his or her birthday using this extraordinary astrology-themed birthday card designed by Oh Joy!
Encourage your favorite Sagittarius to have a stellar birthday with this unique and elegant birthday card designed by Oh Joy! to suit the specific styles of the different astrology signs.

Give your friends a special treat on their birthdays this year with this charming collection of astrology-themed birthday cards from Oh Joy! This fresh design is perfect for the chic Capricorn in your life.
With a flowing mane of hair and a fiery temper, the Leos in your life are sure to stand out from the pack. Make sure to make their birthdays special with this elegant birthday card designed by Oh Joy!

Know an Aquarius who appreciates fresh, modern style? This fun and playful birthday card from Oh Joy! is sure to leave him or her praising such a gorgeous design from such a sweet friend.

The Libra in your life is too well-balanced to get upset if you don't send a timely birthday card, but he or she is sure to appreciate the unique style and modern charm of this fun design from Oh Joy!

Sleek, stylish and full of modern charm, this birthday card from Oh Joy! is perfect for the chic Scorpio in your life. This fresh design is sure to leave that special someone feeling pampered!

Full of vibrant color and chic style, this unique birthday card from Oh Joy! offers a lively way to celebrate your friend's special day with and extra burst of fun and fashionable flair. 
Although he or she might be stubborn, even the feisty Aries in your life is sure to enjoy this fun and stylish birthday card from Oh Joy! Who could deny the elegant charm of this unique design? 

Stubborn and strong, but always stylish, a Taurus deserves a birthday full of fun with friends. Kick things off in a unique way with this vibrant birthday card designed by Oh Joy!
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Have a lovely day!… Anna