Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Indulgence...

Just look at this delectable creation, beautifully photographed by Davina Murray Photography, Sydney.

I have such a weakness for pretty cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and desserts. While I can resist indulging most of the time (except for Friday cakes in the office), I am at a total loss when it comes to the gorgeous sweet offerings at a wedding.

This unique creation of chocolate covered strawberries, all decorated differently (with milk, dark and white chocolate, coconut, sprinkles and piped icing) would also make a superb centre-piece on each reception table. Complementing a colour theme of red, cream and mocha, it would make a signature statement that your guests would love.

Then, at the appropriate moment during proceedings, maybe when serving coffee, or just after the official toasts, each guest could select a beautiful strawberry of their liking. 

You could also remove the creation just before the end of the evening and have the reception staff put one perfect strawberry in each bomboniere box and have them ready at a table to give to your guests as they leave the venue. In this way, you have covered both your centre-pieces and your bomboniere gift.

It is simple ideas, such as this one, that will make your wedding unique. Your guests will remember your creativity and generosity. 

And, served with champagne, who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries...

Have a 'sweet' weekend...

Take care, Anna