Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something Blue for Brides-To-Be

I absolutely love beautiful jewellery - what girl doesn't? And the most precious piece of jewellery a girl will ever possess will be her engagement ring. Your ring should be a reflection of yourself, and what better way to express your individuality then with a unique sapphire engagement ring…

According to Temelli Jewellery, when it comes to engagement rings, the traditional diamond is being challenged by another precious stone. The sapphire is quickly becoming a very popular choice, with sales of sapphire engagement rings up 38% in 2009 across Temelli Victorian stores, compared to the last five year average.

James Temelli of Temelli Jewellery, which supplies pieces to Logie and Brownlow red carpet celebrities and designs the Miss Universe Australia crown, said sapphires were a popular choice for a number of reasons.

“Sapphires are one of the second hardest gemstones available, after diamonds, therefore making it one of the more popular and safer choices for coloured gemstone engagement rings as it will wear well over time,” said Mr Temelli.

“It also enables brides to be to have a larger centrepiece stone for a more reasonable price, with some then choosing to highlight the sapphire with small surrounding diamonds.

“For example, $3500 would buy approximately buy 0.5carats of a single brilliant cut diamond, while the same money would secure a 1.5carat sapphire – so 3 times the size.”

Blue is the most popular colour and Mr Temelli said the intensity of the blue is the most important factor.  

“The more valuable and desired stones have an intense rich blue, without being too dark, too faint or inky/streaked in colour.

“Quality stones are also eye-clean, without visible inclusions to the naked eye.”

Prices of sapphire engagement rings start from around $1500, some designs featuring larger sapphires in excess of 1.5carats cost approximately between $4500 - $6000.

To see the latest Temelli range call into your local Temelli store at Southland Shopping Centre, Knox City Shopping Centre or Eastland Shopping Centre or visit www.tj.net.au

Have a lovely day!… Anna