Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Couture Bridal Wear from Karen Willis Holmes

Just about every girl has dreamed about her wedding day for as long as she can remember, and while most of us will not be able to afford the high couture gown like we see in Hollywood classic films, we can dream… But what if you don't have to dream about the perfect wedding dress fit for a queen? What if you could purchase the high couture gown of your dreams right here in Australia without breaking the bank? Karen Willis Holmes Couture Bridal Gowns is your dream come true.

All Karen Willis Holmes couture bridal gowns are designed and manufactured by Karen and her team at her Sydney atelier.

Starting with an hour and a half consultation, Karen works with you to design the perfect gown for you taking into account your individual requirements, and tailoring the fit to your unique figure with a calico toile and five fittings. All the fittings and consultations are with Karen. This ensures that your gown fits perfectly and the final result will be a gorgeous dress, exactly how you had envisaged it.
The manufacture of the bridal gown can take 40 to 100 hours to complete, and the price reflects this process, with the price of the couture bridal gowns ranging between $5,500 to $13,990.

Below are a selection of my favourite gowns, so have a look through, and then head over to Karen Willis Holmes to find out how you can make your dream wedding dress a reality…

Have a lovely day!… Anna