Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plan your wedding with an Inspiration Board...

Claire from Plympton Park in Adelaide, South Australia has asked: "What's the best way to begin planning the colours and style of my wedding? I really don't know where to start." My advice would be to create an Inspiration Board.

In the 2010 editions of The Bride's Diary we give you four stunning examples of a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Inspiration Board. Beautifully created in our photographic and design studio we show you how to put an inspiration board together and how it is then interpreted throughout the actual styling of a wedding.

To summarise briefly, buy a corkboard and cover it with a neutral coloured fabric (a soft cream/beige works well). Then, collect paint swatches in colours that you adore. Pin them to the board. Then go through magazines and cut out pictures of wedding cakes, cars, flowers, dresses and any other elements that you love. You can also pin actual pieces of fabric, lace and stationery samples to your board. Go crazy, as this is a place to explore your ideas freely.

Keep visiting your board often. You'll quickly see if you like each element selected, or alternatively, if you dislike an idea completely. You will also see if the colours you have chosen are working or not. Don't be afraid to add items and remove them as you feel necessary. Get your groom-to-be involved as well. Together, you will know if the style of your wedding that you are exploring is what you both want.
However, do not get other people involved. It will end up being 'their' Inspiration Board and not your own.

Once you have finished, you will be able to sit back and assess your Inspiration Board. You will know instinctively when you absolutely love it! This can then become the blueprint for your wedding. You can take it along when you visit your wedding stylist, florist, couturier, reception venue and anyone else involved in your special day.

Inspiration Boards are also great in other areas of your life. Have one for each room at home you would like to renovate. One for your baby's room (whether you have a bubba already, or are planning one). One for this season's fashion you would like to buy. One for planning a dinner party, with recipes, table settings, flowers and seating plan included. One for Christmas. The possibilities are endless. And, if you absolutely can't part with an Inspiration Board you have created, then frame it into a three-dimensional box frame and hang it on the wall.

You will be amazed at how much fun creating Inspiration Boards can be...

Have a lovely day! ... Anna